https://i1.wp.com/climatekids.nasa.gov/review/bees/bee_pollen_macro-lrg.jpgThis website was originally launched on the behalf of Oscar Perone, creator of PermApiculture as http://www.peronehive.com in June 2012.   For personal reasons, Mr. Perone decided to retire and withdraw everything he’d placed on the net about his techniques including peronehive.com, a domain he was paying for.   He settled down in Costa Rica where he is currently beekeeping and participating in the nation’s Biodynamic Agricultural movement.

In October 2012 Mr. Perone gave us his blessing to resurrect the page.   It may not be as well made as the original since it is a free WordPress page, lacking the gadgets of its predecessor which was a “premium” WordPress page.  Despite working on a budget of zero, we’ve tried to make it as informative, organized, and convenient as possible and hope that it serves you well.

Who are we?

Alexis Torres and Claire McHale

Alexis Torres and Claire McHale

Alexis Torres and Claire McHale are a married couple living in the mountains of southern Chile.  Claire sort of speaks English and Alexis sort of speaks less, but he knows the most important words.

The two of them have been experimenting with Perone hives over a year now since meeting Perone in early 2011.   Alexis brings a decade of knowledge and experience as a permaculture designer to their attempts to adapt Perone’s methods to a much cooler much rainier climate.  The information on this website comes from Perone’s teachings, their own experiences, and the combined recommendations of 3o additional beekeepers who have also been trying out PermApiculture with European bees.